1. Social Insurance

  • Management Information System for an Insurance Organisation
  • Employers' Registry Subsystem
  • Insurance Accounts' Subsystem
  • Management of Insurance Cognizance Subsystem
  • Pension's Allotment & Calculating Subsystem
  • Pensions' Payments Monitoring Subsystem
  • Interconnection and Interoperability Subsystem
  • Administrative Information and Reports' Management Subsystem
  • MIS Applications
  • Applications for Data Collection, Processing and Management
  • Web Registry

Management Information System for Social Providence Subsidies

Registry of Beneficiaries regarding Social and Providence Subsidies
Software for Subsidies' Payment
Citizen's Service Procedure regarding the Beneficiaries' Census and the Payment of the Providence Subsidies

2.    ERP Systems

The Financial Services software product of Q&R S.A ORAMA ERP is a web based application system which operates in all the contemporary operation systems, using as Web Server the Apache http Server, as Application Server the Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition and as Relational Database the RDBMS Oracle.

The ORAMA ERP addresses the needs of Public Sector Organizations and Agencies, in which entities the complex features of ORAMA ERP can be reclaimed.

The ORAMA ERP consists mainly of the following subsystems:              

  • General Ledger
  • Analytical Ledger
  • Customers
  • Sales
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Suppliers
  • Accounts Payable
  • Markets Internal - External
  • Reserves Management
  • Assets
  • Production
  • Production Costing
  • Warehouse
  • Sales Management And Retail System
  • CRM
  • MIS

3.    Payroll and Human Resources Management

  • The ORAMA ERP HRM/Payroll Module carries the following main features:
  • Special Field for the Presentation of the current Position
  • Special Management of the Employer's Availability Record
  • Definition of the Organizational Structure and incorporation of the employers into it
  • Changes in the Organizational Structure with eases in the massive employers' changes and automatic update of the employers who follow the change
  • Searches based upon requirements of employers' features
  • Analytic description of the position, knowledge and skills needed for the job, participation in committees, responsibilities etc.
  • Reference for lack of staff
  • Employers' Evaluation Management
  • Designation Data as well as divisions of service with calendar history
  • Analytically all the clerk's experience data with the capability of adding years, months, days per sector & entity, data regarding Government Gazette, Application Dates etc.
  • Monitoring of Data Regarding Wage Status, Specialty, Position etc.
  • Capability of trial edition of payment either per clerk, or per wage category & extraction of statistical data
  • Complete monitoring of the judicial resolutions with interests' calculation
  • Capability of thorough parameterization of the earnings or deductions, with validation dates, multiple calculation modes etc.
  • Definition of wage categories, which have their own earnings and deductions
  • In the wage's results all the earnings' and deductions' data are recorded, as well as the columns with the retrospectives
  • Tax scale per year and kind of wage
  • Overtimes parameterization
  • Split of the clerks into "Wage Categories/Kind of Wage", as well as separate earnings - deductions per clerk
  • Month's clearing notice
  • The application supports the issue of Banks' Files, as well as the issue of XML File for the United Payments' Authority
  • The loans' codes are defined in the "Earnings-Deductions" and are registered in the screen "Loans", Their deduction is carried out with the wage's issue
  • Clerks' employment relationships
  • Capability of printouts extraction in file formats .pdf, .xls, .rtf, .txt
  • Capability of importing excel file or unique worksheet, as well as & ascii file