Q&R has developed a solution for the complex environment of the Port Authorities, which is installed and operates productively for both the Piraeus Port Authority and the Port Authority of Heraklion.


  • The solution is based on ORAMA ERP software which is customized according to customer requirements.
  • The introduction of the system of Q&R in the environment of Ports resulted in:
  • The introduction of new technologies to meet current and future requirements of the Ports.
  • The implementation of applications using automation modes in order to play a leading role in the development of the Port.
  • Increasing the scalability of the system to new organizational structures of the Port.
  • Improving the organizational structures and the decision-making system of the Port.

The following modules of ORAMA ERP software were customized and installed in Ports:

1.    General & Analytical Accounting
2.    Accounting Assets
3.    Budget
4.    Costing
5.    Suppliers operating system (Accounting suppliers)
6.    Procurement Notices
7.    Warehouses / Species Management, Materials
8.    Customers operating system (Guest Book)
9.    International Accounting Standards
10.    Electronic Payments
11.    Securities
12.    Business Intelligence
13.    Financial Management and Global Markets
Q&R also developed the following enterprise applications and billing procedures associated with them:
14.    Berthing Management and Exploitation
15.    Ship Repairs Management and Exploitation
16.    Tanks Managing & Monitoring
17.    Passenger Traffic Management and Operation
18.    Private machinery and Retail Workers Approvals
19.    Power supply and water supply management and pricing
20.    Management - distribution of occupational groups (workers, machine operators and drivers) and mechanical means for ship loading and unloading of commercial and passenger port.
21.    Damage Management
22.    Exploitation of the parking lot of the Port