The Optimum Intelligence platform extracts intelligence, metrics and analytics from structured and unstructured data collected from Web 2.0 media, in order to perform behavior detection and prediction on an individual basis.
The platform gathers, aggregates and analyzes data from a series of media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, blogs, for a, etc. Then, the data is processed so as to extract behavior characteristics on an individual basis.

Data preprocessing involves data refactoring (stemming, noise removal, linguistic conversions, flat data conversion etc.) and domain expert’s analysis over the content of interest. During this step, data is cleaned in order to maximize intelligence analytics results’ efficiency and capabilities of behavior detection and prediction. Finally, intelligence is extracted via a set of social analytics, metrics and data mining and machine learning techniques.
Α variety of applications and services are deployable via the Optimum Intelligence Platform, namely:

  • Political campaign management
  • Parental care software
  • Client-based marketing
  • Retail sales personalization
  • Market insights
  • User experience augmentation
  • Social media valuation and gamification
  • Security screening
  • Human Resources augmentation
  • Criminal behavior prediction