As the market for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile applications heats up, more and more companies are diverting their focus and investments towards these platforms. Mobile application developers need to solve tough problems – limited platform resources, a reduced-size user interface, unique security considerations, location-based technologies, international markets, network operator compliance, certification, and app store compliance.

Q&R is riding the wave of cutting-edge software technology and offers specialized solutions to its clients. Our professional team can help companies take advantage of growing mobile application market and maximize return on their mobile investments. Through our concluded projects, Q&R has gained great expertise in development of software applications for mobile devices based on Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Google Android (tablets / mobile phones).

Our services include:

  • Application specifications
  • UI planning and development
  • Implementation and testing
  • App Store rollout

Every company will eventually have a mobile presence as customers and employees start to expect it. Q&R can help companies begin exploring their mobile options:

  • Corporate branding apps
  • M-Commerce apps
  • Internal productivity tools
  • Sales of products / services based on the geo-location of the user (location based services, destination management)
  • Mobilization of existing information systems (ERP, CRM etc.)
  • Applications for corporate customers getting information on various subjects: Customer file, offered services progress, appointment management etc.
  • Applications for tickets selling and reservations (cinemas, theatres etc).
  • Virtual tours
  • Tourist guides
  • Services for the tourism industry

We provide services for end–to-end software development in the following areas:

  • business and finance apps
  • games and multimedia applications
  • social networking software
  • custom application development for mobile devices
  • e-commerce apps
  • content publishing and distribution software

Our developers follow standard software development cycle to create the perfect software solutions for your applications based on Apple iOS or Google Android.