ORAMA PUBLIC ERP operates in WEB environment and was developed using products from Oracle and addresses the public and broader public sector and has more than 30 installations in Greece.

The main subsystems of the product are:


    General Ledger supporting both the public accounting system and general ledger accounts
    Cost Accounting
    Cost - Profit Center Accounting


    Warehouse Management
    Customer Management
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Trade Policy Management
    Bid Management - Ordering
    Sales Management
    Services Management
    Suppliers Management
    Purchase Management
    Payments Management
    Import Costing
    Cash Flow
    Asset Management
    M.I.S Reporting

RETAIL ON LINE / OFF LINE (For Enterprises of the wider public sector having retail network)

    Management of all possible ways of payment to the cashier
    Local Warehouse Management
    Management of  customer club - membership card
    Purchase Management
    Statistical reports
    Sales Management


    Bill of Materials - BOM
    Inventory Control
    Management of Batches and Serial Numbers
    Management of Production Phases
    Production Costing

The architecture implemented in each installation of the product is Web n-tier/Rich Client (see figure below).

It includes at least three layers (tiers):

  •     The data layer(data tier), for data storage (Oracle RDBMS).
  •     The application layer (application tier), which incorporates all business rules of every software module (Oracle Application Server)
  •     The user interface layer (client tier), which is responsible for the interface with the end user and the presentation of data based on any Web Browser.