•     Complete inventory management control.
  •     On line detection of items stored, per order handling. (Whether finished or semi-finished or raw materials).
  •     High precision monitoring of stock and cutback of storage costs.
  •     Monitoring demand from customer orders - forecast
  •     Monitoring Lead Time of suppliers
  •     Management of Master Production Scheduling (MPS).
  •     Management of forecast orders and maintenance of actual customers’ demand.
  •     Creation of a uniform production program and maintenance of supply balance.
  •     Maintenance of increased productivity in parallel with customer service and improved inventory management.
  •     Management of Rough Cut Capacity Plan (RCCP).
  •     Management and recognition of barriers during the production process.
  •     Medium-term and long-term plant capacity.
  •     Material Requirements Planning - MRP II.
  •     Reservation 0f full balance between supply and demand.
  •     Calculation of net requirements and rescheduling of existing orders to cover possible shortages in stocks of goods.
  •     Shop Floor Control.
  •     Creation of production orders and monitoring of financial data and production efficiency related to production phases.
  •     Management of Production Cost
  •     Monitor the cost of materials, labor and industrial indirect cost, per item, batch number or cost center.

The architecture implemented in each installation of the product is Web n-tier/Rich Client (see figure below).

It includes at least three layers (tiers):

  •     The data layer(data tier), for data storage (Oracle RDBMS).
  •     The application layer (application tier), which incorporates all business rules of every software module (Oracle Application Server)
  •     The user interface layer (client tier), which is responsible for the interface with the end user and the presentation of data based on any Web Browser.