Q&R’s data processing solution has been providing data entry services, data capture, data processing and all other business process outsourcing services designed to meet the precise requirements of any organization.  They provide accurately streamlined flow of process, with high standards of safety, quality and business integrity. Our approach has always been to listen to the client’s needs and develop rational solutions while using at the same tome state of the art technologies.
Data Entry Services                                                                                        
Data Entry Solution has great advantage in handling off-line and on-line Data entries to small and large size enterprises Offline/Online data entry includes the consource into a computer-readable for. We use unique process to check on accuracy and deliver data within a quick turnaround time.
Data Cleansing
We are able improve the quality of your data with our data cleansing and data enrichment services. Our services ensure that your enterprise databases are accurate, complete and up to date.  As data being derived from many sources, it cannot have the consistent format, or it may contain duplicate records and probably missing or incomplete information. With our Data cleansing services we successfully remove /enrich the incorrect, incomplete and improper data from the database used by any Information System.
Data Mining
Data mining is the automatic extraction of valuable information from database. Using data mining techniques, a model will be constructed for a particular business situation to predict the result which is unknown. Data mining is widely being used by the industry sectors such as retail, financial, communication, and marketing organizations where consumer focus is a concern.
Data Entry Solution offers Data mining process enabling companies to determine relationships among "internal" factors (price, product positioning, or staff skills) and "external" factors (economic indicators, competition, and customer demographics) to determine the impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and corporate profits. The process helps businesses to combine seemingly unrelated data in order to extract useful information.
OCR services

Our company offers OCR service and file clean up services which ultimately designed to safely convert questionnaires, manuals, books etc. into a digital format.. With the use of high tech OCR scanners and software and we implement latest OCR clean up techniques providing our customers high level data accuracy.
We also offer OCR cleanup services, which is important after the pages of a document are scanned. The process involves identification of the suspected OCR characters, dispatching the errors to the data entry operator, comparing the OCR files with original document, and delivering the digitized files.