has been characterized as one of the most mature ERP in the Greek market, with more than 150 installations in Greece and abroad, with the following key benefits for enterprises:
Financial and commercial management

    Calculation of  gross profit
    Full compatibility with I.A.S.
    Automated transformation of documents to the next process (orders to delivery notes and so on)
    Management of credit policy
    Management of trade policy using flexible scenarios to create price lists
    Historical prices and rates
    Management with flexible discount policy scenarios (Best feet scenarios)
    Management of multiple types of payment
    Management of triangular transactions and management of customers belonging to a group of companies
    Multiple measurement units
    Bar code management per item and per measure unit
    Cash Flow Indicators
    Cash Flow Management
    Management of securities
    Complete budget management
    Management of customers and their branches
    Monitor of  customers’ clients
    Management of cost centers and automated creation of P & L
    More than one discount per invoice line
    Possibility to enter salesman code per invoice line
    Management of open items
    Complete inventory management with multiple storage and management of repository spaces
    Categorization of items - products in tree form, categorization of the characteristics of items
    Warehouse assessment in many ways (FIFO, LIFO, Rolling average price, etc.)
    Information management, with the use of modern MIS tools  or BI
    On Line & Real Time update of all subsystems, per invoice line

The architecture implemented in each installation of the product is Web n-tier/Rich Client (see figure below).

It includes at least three layers (tiers):

  •     The data layer(data tier), for data storage (Oracle RDBMS).
  •     The application layer (application tier), which incorporates all business rules of every software module (Oracle Application Server)
  •     The user interface layer (client tier), which is responsible for the interface with the end user and the presentation of data based on any Web Browser.